Rich Franklin Talks About Being Detained Following Paris Terrorist Attacks and Retired Life (Audio)

Former UFC champion Rich Franklin may be done fighting, but he’s not done living.

In this EXCLUSIVE interview with, Franklin talked at length about the mental impact finally uttering the word retirement had on him. As you can imagine, it was a bittersweet moment.

Rich FranklinBut in retiring from fighting, Franklin has taken up a new role as a vice president in the blossoming fight promotion ONE Championship, which is the largest mixed martial arts promoter in Asia.

As such, he travels quite a bit. With his travels, Franklin has long dealt with an issue of mistaken identity, since he shares the same name as a convicted felon. It’s usually not a major ordeal, but in a recent trip through Los Angeles International Airport, Franklin was handcuffed and detained. He recounted the unsettling experience and expressed his frustration with the security process and how it relates to today’s heightened concerns over potential terrorist activity.

Along those same lines, Franklin’s travel was shortly after the horrific Paris terror attacks on November 13, and, of course, Franklin had some thoughts on that as well.

Check out the full interview for some amazing insights from Rich Franklin…

(Photo courtesy of Rich Franklin)

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