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Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion, will attempt to defend his title this Saturday against the tough Canadian, David “The Crow’ Loiseau. The champ spoke with MMAWeekly Radio Thursday about his upcoming title defense. To hear the interview in its entirety, click on the radio archive. Franklin also sat down with MMAWeekly TV for a video interview that can be viewed in the “In The Cage” members section.

In his interview with MMAWeekly Radio, Rich Franklin was asked what concerns him most about David ‘The Crow’ Loiseau. He answered, “First of all, he is a good fighter. He is explosive, so I’ve got to be careful because he’s quick. But primarily, those elbows are a big danger. You know? I’d hate to lose this fight on a cut. And Dave is the kind of guy that can catch you with something funky; a flying knee, or a spinning back kick, or something very unorthodox, so I’m keeping watch out for those kinds of things as well.”

Rich likes to stand and bang, but is very capable of getting the fight to the ground and finishing a fight there. Discussing his game plan, Rich told MMAWeekly, “You know me. I’m the kind of guy that likes to walk out and throw punches. I don’t see myself straying from that game plan any.”

Asked his prediction of the outcome, Rich commented, “I definitely don’t think this one will end in the first round, but I’ve never had a fight go to a decision, and I don’t intend to let one either.”

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