by Terry Martin
Extreme Wars, produced by the newly formed X-1 organization, had Dan Severn earning a gritty submission victory, Ricco Rodriguez working his way to another victory, and Chris Brennan winning in classy style.

The main event was a dominant armbar victory by Ricco “Suave” Rodriguez over Reuben Villarreal. Rodriguez started the fight pumping a stiff jab. The fight was taken to the ground within the first 2 minutes of the fight, where Rodriguez was able to sweep Villarreal and work his way to full mount. After doing some damage with effective ground and pound, Rodriguez was able to lock-in an armbar to end the fight.

The co-main event was a great battle between Dan “The Beast” Severn and Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch. The powerful and much larger Severn was able to send Ritch flying across the ring with a over-under body throw TWICE in the first round, the fans went wild. Despite being manhandled by Severn in the first round, Ritch was able to nearly end the fight with a heel-hook at the end of the first round. Starting the second round, Ritch started chopping away at the big fella with leg kicks that set-up a high-kick that sent Severn to the mat. Ritch quickly pounced on Severn, only to be reversed. Severn quickly squeezed a side-choke on Ritch to earn the tap-out victory.

The night also saw the Chris Brennan take the stage. Brennan displayed slick Jiu-Jitsu to set up a text book arm bar.***

In other action:

Kimo Woelfel over Shawn Castro – KO 1st rd

Kaipo Gonzalez over Duke Savagosa – KO 1st rd

Johnny Sampaio over Josh Hinger – Unan Dec

Brian Geraghty over Kaleo Kwan – Arm Bar 1st rd

Harris Sarmiento over Josh Smith – Leg lock 1st rd

Fernando Gonzalez over Sidney Silva – Unan Dec

Kaleo Padilla NO CONTEST Adam Lynn – thumb to eye

Jeff Monson over Rich Wilson – Arm Bar 1st rd

*** In an earlier edition of this article we posted that this was Chris Brennan’s retirement match, but it has been made known to us that it wasn’t. Chris still has two fights on his Pride contract. So whether it’s with Pride or someone else, he still has some more fighting to do.