Ricardo Lamas posts photos of jaw broken in three places

Ricardo Lamas not only lost to Calvin Kattar at UFC 238 over the weekend, he revealed on Tuesday that he suffered a broken jaw. Providing an update on his condition following Saturday’s fight in Chicago, Lamas said that Kattar broke his jaw in three places and backed it up with photos of the x-rays.

Lamas, a longtime contender in the UFC featherweight division, was hoping to build some momentum with a second consecutive win at UFC 238, but that didn’t happen. He was instead blasted by Kattar with a late first-round knockout. 

The loss dropped Lamas’ record to 19-8 overall and was his third loss in his last four bouts. Worse, of course, is the break, which the x-rays show.

“I suffered 3 fractures in my jaw during the fight. Been in the hospital since and had surgery (Monday),” Lamas wrote on Instagram. 

“Titanium plates were installed. I asked the doctor to install small laser guns in my mouth that I could activate with my tongue and shoot through my teeth, but he said that was impossible,” he continued, apparently in good spirits.

“I’d like to thank everyone who reached out with kind messages… For now, it’s quality time with my family and baby number three coming in early August, which puts in perspective what’s truly important in life.”

Lamas did not give a timeline for his recovery, and has not stated what is the next step for his career.

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