Ricardo Lamas Overcomes Over-Weight Charles Oliveira (UFC Mexico City Results)

November 6, 2016

Ricardo Lamas, tired of having fights canceled, wouldn’t allow that to happen at UFC Fight Night 98 in Mexico City on Saturday, and it paid off. 

Lamas’ opponent, Charles Oliveira weighed 9 pounds over the 146-pound limit for a featherweight non-title fight at Friday’s weigh-in, but Lamas would not allow the fight to be canceled. Instead, he received 30-percent of Oliveira’s show money, and negotiated a requirement that Oliveira had to weigh-in no heavier than 165 pounds just hours before the fight. 

Oliveira abided by the stipulations, and it looked like that was all it was going to cost him.

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Although Lamas started off strong with some stinging leg kicks, a solid punch combination, and takedown, Oliveira soon turned the tables. 

Once they regained their feet, Oliveira scooped Lamas up and planted him on the canvas. He threatened Lamas with an Anaconda choke midway through the round, and then again with a deep rear-naked choke as time ran out on the round.

Oliveira attempted to go back to the well in round two, shooting and taking Lamas back to the mat. Lamas, however, swept Oliveira and began to work from side control. 

Chicago, IL - Jan 26, 2013: Erik Koch (White trunks) and Ricardo LamasIt appeared that Oliveira might escape as he turned away, but Lamas sunk an arm-in guillotine choke. Oliveira tried to bide his time and find a way out, but couldn’t escape. He eventually tapped out.

Lamas stood in the Octagon, addressing the crowd after the fight, his lips quivering and tears welling in his eyes.

The drama surrounding Friday’s weigh-in was a small bit of what he’s had to deal with lately, as Lamas dedicated the fight to his mother, whom he said was battling cancer, and fallen teammate Josh Samman, who died recently.

“I want to dedicate this fight to my mother, who is battling cancer. Mom, I know you will come out on top of this,” Lamas said, as the words struggled to leave his mouth. “One more thing, our training partner, Josh, passed away not too long ago. This is for you too, Josh.”

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