Rey Docyogen Steps into the One FC Cage Ready to Show He Still Belongs in Title Talk

Rey Docyogen One FC 9Suffering a first loss is difficult for any fighter. It’s reacting to that loss that can very well tell more about said fighter than any win. As much could be said for Filipino flyweight star Rey “The Punisher” Docyogen.

After winning his first 10 fights, Docyogen suffered his first career loss this past February at One FC 7 to Shinichi Kojima via submission in the second round. It was a humbling sensation Docyogen feels he will use to drive him to get better.

“It’s definitely a new experience to go home with a loss,” Docyogen told “Just that experience of leaving the arena knowing that I did not achieve what I entered to do is not a pleasant feeling and it motivates me to train harder to ensure that I never have to feel that way again.

“I thought I did decently leading up to the finish, but it just goes to show how you can never take your focus off for one second. I’ll be even more focused in my next fight.”

In being one of the most highly regarded fighters coming out of the Philippines, Docyogen is eager to rebound off his loss and prove himself worthy of that regard.

“I do not feel any pressure,” he said. “I am a person that can motivate myself and I do not require external motivation. However, I want to win badly to prove to the One FC brass, as well as my Filipino fans, what I am capable of doing, which I felt that I did not show in my last fight.

“I want to give them a good fight and let them remember me.”

Docyogen’s return will not be an easy one. He is scheduled to take on recent UFC veteran Yasuhiro Urushitani, a fighter who will be looking to rebound following back-to-back losses.

“He is a Japanese veteran, been around the game for a long time (and) has fought top opposition his whole career,” said Docyogen of Urushitani. “He is quite similar to my previous opponent (Kojima) in that they have both come through the ranks in Japan to achieve great success.

“I will need to pace myself and not leave any openings, as I’m sure with his experience, he will be crafty enough to exploit anything that I expose.”

Should Docyogen defeat Urushitani, he feels going forward in 2013 it will place him right back in the 125-pound title hunt.

“I just want to continue competing and improving my skills,” he said. “I lost out on my shot at the One FC flyweight championship when I lost to Kojima, but if I continue winning, then they will have no choice but to give me my title shot and hopefully I can get it by the end of this year.

“I want to thank my teammates at Team Lakay, thank One FC for this opportunity and thank you guys for interviewing me. I will do everybody proud come May 31.”

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