by Ken Pishna – MMAWeekly.com Just as quickly as Shine Fights is back in the saddle, trying to recover from a disastrous event in May, the bronco is bucking.

Shine’s big match-up between veteran Din Thomas and former boxing champion Roberto Mayorga in May was derailed by litigation by promoter Don King. The vent itself, “Worlds Collide,” was fully cancelled by the North Carolina Boxing Authority, which determined, on the night of the event, that there were too many unsatisfactory issues unresolved to allow the event to go forward.

The promotion is still embroiled in conflict with several of the fighters that were scheduled for its May event, arguing over money that the fighters say is owed them, but which Shine Fights CEO Devin Price says has been settled.

Price has since reorganized and brought in Bellator broadcaster Jason Chambers as his COO to launch a rebound effort, including an eight-man lightweight Grand Prix tournament, scheduled for Sept. 10 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va.

The promotion initiated a marketing effort that included fan voting to determine the pairings in the tournament, and that’s where reports say that the wheels started to come off in Virginia.

AOL Fanhouse’s Matt Erickson on Saturday reported that the Virginia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Program, the commission that oversees MMA in the state, would not grant Shine Fights a license due to the fan-based matchmaking.

The report goes on to say that Shine is packing up and moving to Oklahoma to secure a venue and still operate its one-night, eight-main tournament with the fan voted match-ups intact.

This can only be seen as another significant blow to the promotion, on the ropes after the debacle in May. Shine officials have to be hoping they can pull in a decent crowd and, more importantly, draw well on their first pay-per-view effort, if there is any hope for survival.

Shine officials did not respond to attempts for comment on this report at the time of publication.