by Tom Hamliin – MMAWeekly.com

For the cornermen tasked with
keeping welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre on track during his fight with
B.J. Penn at UFC 94, the episode now known as “Greasegate” was a terrible mistake they hoped to move on


“I’d just like to say I’m sorry
it’s come to all of this,” cornerman Phil Nurse told the Nevada State Athletic
Commission during their review of GSP/Penn 2 on Tuesday in Las Vegas. “I would
never do anything to change a fight to change what it was straight out what it
was supposed to be.


“They put their lives on the
line… when they get in there to fight. If what happened that night was going to
cause some discrepancy… I would have never gone that route. Anybody who knows
me knows that that is not me.”


trainer, Greg Jackson, regretted the rush toward the cage that gave Nurse
double duty in applying Vaseline and performing an energy technique on St.
Pierre; a practice he did at the behest of holistic healer Steven Friend.


“I try to take this experience
and turn it into a positive, and learn from it and hopefully improve,” he said.


On the opposing aisle,
forgiveness was in short supply.


Penn’s boxing coach, Jason Parillo, said the incident was the manifestation of
warnings he received from a man identified by the Penn camp during questioning
as UFC employee David Weintraub. Weintraub
later clarified that he is not a UFC employee, but does freelance work for a
company that in turn does freelance work for the UFC.


“As soon as I get to the locker
room before the fight, the commission or the inspector came in and I told him
my concern,” said Parillo. “What I was worried about,
the Vaseline, the powder balm. He left the room… came back, and said, ‘Why
didn’t you tell anybody when you saw GSP put the Vaseline on him?’ I said,
‘Well, I didn’t see him put Vaseline on, this is just something I’ve heard.’
The inspector said, ‘We just went in there and talked to him, and there will be
somebody watching him the entire fight.’


Penn’s mother, Lorraine Shin
– who testified at Tuesday’s hearing – felt the matter was
black-and-white: St. Pierre had used the greasy substance to win, and he should
be punished.


“How could this happen?” she
said. “Why was it allowed? There are probably several reasons, but the
responsibility falls with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The Nevada
State Athletic Commission failed in their duties by not immediately notifying
the Penn corner of the unfair use of greasing and Vaseline applied on Pierre,
by not allowing the Vaseline to be removed properly off of Pierre, and by not
taking the necessary procedures to protect my son from being seriously injured
or killed.”


(Editor’s Note, Friday, March 20: This article originally identified
David Weintraub as a UFC employee, which is how he was identified by the Penn camp during the hearing on
Tuesday. Weintraub later contacted MMAWeekly.com to clarify
that he is not in fact an employee of the UFC, but provides freelance services
to a company that in turn provides freelance services to the UFC. He maintains
that during the time referenced by Parillo, he was
not doing work related to the UFC, and had no knowledge of any action taking
place with the Commission.)


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