Relax British MMA Fans, UFC 99 Will Still Air on Setanta

Will it, won’t it, where?

That has been the overwhelming question for British MMA fans this week wondering if they will get to watch UFC 99 from Germany on Saturday.

Rest assured, with a card half-filled with Brits, the U.K. contingent will have UFC 99 available after all.

As reports surfaced that UFC partner Setanta Sports has been in a beleagured financial state, with rumors of the company’s ability to stay on-air flying all over the place, U.K. fans just 24 hours ago were still wondering if they’d be able to watch the UFC this weekend.

Thursday morning, via his official Twitter account, UFC president Dana White assured British fans, saying, “Hang tight we will be on tv. Either setanta or bravo. We are working on it.”

He again turned to Twitter on Friday to let fans know that, at least for UFC 99, the promotion would remain with its current broadcast partner.

“UK fans UFC 99 will air on setanta live!!! Spread the word.”

Who knows what the future holds for Setanta and the UFC? But, at least for now, U.K. fans will be able to get their fight on!