by Ken Pirok for MMAWeekly.com
(Photo courtesy of Ken Pirok)

DECATUR, ILL. – Jason Reinhardt was a busy man on Saturday night. He hosted and co-promoted the Courage Fighting Championships 8, plus he coached fighters and served as cornerman too. Reinhardt even fought in the main event, defeating Theodore Reynol and winning the Courage Fighting Championships’ 155-pound belt in the process.

Reinhardt won the fight with strikes. He threw knees, kicks, and punches, and they connected during the first minute of the fight. Reinhardt and Reynol then wrestled to the ground, with Reinhardt coming out on top in full mount. He threw punches until the referee stopped the fight at exactly two minutes of the first round.

After the fight, Reinhardt attributed the victory to his ability to remain focused, even with all of the distractions. “I felt calmer than I have ever felt. I was picking my shots and thinking what I was doing… This was a high-profile event, but a peacefulness just came over me.”

The referees for the event were UFC veteran, Spencer Fisher, and Wayne Weems, who is currently on Season Five of The Ultimate Fighter. Reinhardt is undefeated at 18-0 and believes that he’s ready for the UFC too, “Dana White, if you’re listening, put me in there.”

Courage Fighting Championships
Masonic Temple
Decatur, Illinois
April 21, 2007


CFC 155-Pound Title:
Jason Reinhardt def. Theodore Reynol by referee stoppage (strikes) at 2:00, Round 1

Clay French def. Dominic Bjerke by referee stoppage (strikes) at 1:18, Round 1
Tyler Combs def. Alex Carter by submission (triangle choke) at 4:23, Round 1
Justin Shipman def. Justin Reinhardt by referee stoppage (strikes) at 2:37, Round 2
Dan Loman def. Keith Simmons by referee stoppage (strikes) at 0:41, Round 1
Matt Major def. Adrian Hopson by decision (unanimous)
Ryan Thomas def. Kris Huffman by referee stoppage (strikes) at 1:16, Round 1


Chris Desourouvez def. Mitch Charbeneau by decision (unanimous)
Josh Phillips def. Todd Jones by referee stoppage (strikes) at 2:29, Round 1
Billy Rutherford def. Nate Haller by referee stoppage (strikes) at 1:19, Round 1
Javier Barrera def. Chuck Burch by referee stoppage (strikes) at 0:41, Round 1
Travis Combs def. Kareem Abbed by referee stoppage (strikes) at 0:48, Round 1
Joe Trinka def. Kevin Galbraith by tapout (strikes) at 0:48, Round 1
Michael Glosser def. Shawn Beavin by tapout (rear naked choke) at 0:51, Round 1