Reebok Confuses Jon Jones for Jon Jones, Hooks Jon Jones Up with Reebok Swag for Being Jon Jones

January 10, 2015

If you haven’t heard by now, the name Jon Jones is fairly common in the United States, if not the universe. So common is the name, it’s easy for someone to tweet @JonJones and assume they’re talking to the UFC light heavyweight champ that just this week checked himself into rehab for cocaine use. Even global brands and their social media interns can make the same mistake.

So when Reebok mistakenly posted a celebratory tweet and tagged an art-outsourcing manager and self-proclaimed tech geek from Brooklyn, things got weird. You see, @JonnyBones is the UFC fighter, and @JonJones is the tech geek. Reebok mixed the two up.

The Twitter confusion has resulted in Jon Jones of Brooklyn getting all types of mentions ranging from praises of being the best fighter in the world to (mostly) hate mail. Reebok took notice of the mixup and hooked the dude up with a free shirt.

And by the way, @JonJones is apparently going to be on CBS Evening News on Sunday because of all the confusion. ‘Merica.

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