Real Entertainment Shuts Down, Dream Era Officially Comes to an End

September 13, 2012

Sources close to have confirmed that Real Entertainment, the parent company of the Japanese fight promotion DREAM, has officially shuttered its doors.

While DREAM ended months ago, there was a small amount of talk that something might happen in the future with the promotion.  Apparently, the management of the company has had enough.  The higher ranking officials have all gone their own ways and it was more or less just remnants of an old company.  A decision had to be made and the shot callers decided that there were no alternatives, but to shut down.

There have reportedly been meetings between former Pride FC brass of reforming in 2014. Certain stipulations from the Zuffa buyout of Pride FC prohibit some of the management from getting into MMA until 2013, which would be the equivalent of five years after the official closure of Pride FC.

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