Ready to Put His Full Arsenal on Display, KOTC’s Mike Hanks Awaits Next Challenge

November 23, 2013

Mike Hanks KOTCWith his win over Roy Bradshaw at an October King of the Cage event, up-and-coming lightweight Mike Hanks raised his current winning streak to four and further solidified himself as someone to watch on the Northwest fight scene.

While Hanks is happy with the win over Bradshaw, it didn’t quite turn out the way he had planned when he initially signed to fight on the event.

“I was supposed to have a different opponent, but I ended up fighting Roy, who was someone I used to help coach and train with our team back when I was back in Spokane,” said Hanks. “I fought well, but it wasn’t really the fight I was looking for, just because he was a friend of mine and he took the fight to help me out on short notice.

“We got in there, put the friendship aside, and took care of business. I finished it fairly quick in the first round and it’s another win on my record, but I would like to be in there with a little more challenging fighter in my next fight.”

Hanks pointed out after a scramble early on, he gained the advantage and kept it until he finished the fight.

“I went in there and controlled every aspect of the fight,” said Hanks. “(Brooks) tried to take me down right away, right off the bat, but I ended up on top and just dominated throughout the round until I took his back and finished it with a rear naked choke.”

Hanks told that he feels his recent winning streak, which has raised his record to 9-2, has come because fighters have underestimated just how complete a fighter he is.

“I’ve been getting a lot of guys who are trying to take me down, just thinking I’m a stand-up guy, but I’ve been training for years in jiu-jitsu and wrestling,” he said. “I think I’m solid all the way around and am a tough match-up for anyone whether they want to stand up or go to the ground.”

Hanks is currently back in training, waiting to get the call to step back up for KOTC. And when he does fight again, he’s looking to get the kind of bout that can help elevate not only his career, but his game as well.

“I have two fights left on my contract with KOTC and there’s a show in January (I want to get on),” said Hanks. “I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in January or who the opponent is going to be, but they’re trying to find a tough match-up, so I can go in there and really get a good show going.

“I’m just going to take it one fight at a time right now and be prepared for whoever they have for me in January and see where it goes from there.”

(Photo courtesy of King of the Cage and Monstro Photos)

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