by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
It’s rare when a championship match is not the main event on a fight card, but such will be the case at WEC 21 this Thursday, June 15th.

Even though the currently red-hot WEC Lightweight Champion Hermes Franca is fighting on the show, he’s not the main event, and it’s not by any fault of his own.

It’s because the match-up of “Razor” Rob McCullough vs. Ryan Healy could be a slugfest reminiscent of some of the classic throwdowns in the company’s history.

Simply put, Rob McCullough and Ryan Healy are two fighters who are likely to ignore the ground game and go toe-to-toe with each other. They would trade strikes for the entire 15 minutes if necessary, but you’d be placing a losing bet if you thought this one is going the distance.

One only needs to look at each fighter’s history to see why.

McCullough is currently on a five-fight winning streak in which he hasn’t gone out of the second round in any of those fights. In fact, if it wasn’t for a very close split decision loss to Harris Sarmiento at WEC 9, Rob could on an eleven-fight winning streak.

Healy is in a similar situation. If it wasn’t for a loss to Billy Evangelista at WEC 18, he would be riding an eight-fight undefeated stretch.

Both fighters are also finishers, which makes for an even more exciting. There’s no lay ‘n pray here, no stalling… just in your face aggression. That’s how McCullough and Healy bring the action.

During his recent string of wins, McCullough has finished every one of his opponents and has yet to be stopped in a fight. All three of his losses have come by decision, so not only can McCullough give a punch, he can also take one.

In Healy’s two losses (one as an amateur and one as a pro), much like Razor’s, one of those losses was a close split decision, and the other came against Evangelista via smothering ground and pound. This means that Healy has yet to be put out on his feet as well.

So, with both fighters so equally matched in history, style, size, and just about every other category, what do you go on if you want to determine who has the advantage?

In truth, this one may just be one of those rare equal match-ups where it’s anyone’s guess. While McCullough may have a bigger name, Healy is equally as dangerous, despite the smaller amount of fanfare.

At stake is a possible shot at Hermes Franca’s WEC Lightweight Title, should Franca continue his winning ways and successfully defend his title on the same show. So, with the biggest fight thus far in their careers potentially on the horizon for McCullough and Healy, there is no lack of motivation to end the fight in quick, spectacular fashion to set up a title shot.

While they may not be the biggest names on the card at WEC 21, there’s a reason why “Razor” Rob McCullough and Ryan Healy were made the main event. They’re both exciting fighters who put on a show, which means that no matter who gets their hand raised at the end of the night, the fans win.