Ray Borg promises to ‘leave the sport of MMA forever’ if he misses weight again

April 18, 2019

Ray Borg has faced plenty of foes inside the UFC Octagon but his greatest enemy may have been the scale on weigh-in day.

The former flyweight title contender twice failed to make weight when he was cutting down to 125 pounds and then he came up short in his last fight after moving to bantamweight.

With three weight misses on his record already, Borg knows it’s time for a serious change in his approach to preparing for fights, which means being professional at all times including when it’s time to step on the scale.

That’s why Borg is making the pledge to undergo some serious changes in his lifestyle and training camp to always make weight in the future and the consequences will be career ending if he doesn’t.

“Since arriving home after last fight I have made some drastic changes to my lifestyle habits,” Borg said in a post on Instagram. “I used to be very careless with my diet and stopped spending time in the gym in between fights, which turned fight camps more into weight cut camps. I have taken my career to a whole new level mentally and have started taking the steps to go from dieting/fight camps to lifestyle. With this lifestyle change I believe that the world will finally see my true talent and potential.

“I also want it to go on record that if I ever miss weight again or miss a fight due to anything other than a serious injury I will leave the sport of MMA forever. I’m coming back better than ever.”

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Borg returned from a 17-month layoff in March in his bantamweight debut where he lost a razor close decision to Casey Kenney.

With a new dedication to training and always making weight it appears Borg is more devoted than ever to getting his career back on track.