Ray Borg on Demetrious Johnson: ‘He’s More Vulnerable Than People Think’

September 7, 2017

10 opponents have tried and 10 have failed to wrestle away the flyweight title from current champion Demetrious Johnson.

On Saturday night at UFC 215, Johnson will look for No. 11 as he attempts to break the all time record for title defenses, where he’s currently tied at 10 with former middleweight king Anderson Silva.

His opponent this weekend has something to say about that.

Ray Borg will enter the fight with Johnson off two straight wins and five out of his last six inside the Octagon. Perhaps Borg’s biggest weapon going against Johnson is the confidence that he can do what those other 10 fighters couldn’t when they stepped into the cage with the only flyweight champion the UFC has ever known.

Not only does Borg believe he can dethrone Johnson, but he feels there have been plenty of openings for past opponents to do the same but they just weren’t able to capitalize and that’s what he plans on doing Saturday night.

“He’s more vulnerable than people think,” Borg told MMAWeekly.com when speaking about Johnson. “He comes off as invincible and he always fights that way and it seems that way, but people don’t know that he has vulnerabilities. He really does but no one has been able to capitalize on that just because Demetrious’ best asset is his knowledge when he’s in there. I think that’s what overwhelms people in there, plus his cardio to keep a pace for five rounds.

“But he’s vulnerable and it’s been showing lately and we have our spots and our moments were we’re going to take advantage.”Ray Borg

Borg isn’t going to give away any secrets for how he’s going to approach the fight with Johnson but he will point out that the key to beating the long reigning flyweight champion is being willing to adapt on the fly.

Some fighters have attempted to out strike Johnson while others tried to out grapple him.

Borg says there is a strategy to beat Johnson and he believes the work he’s done alongside his coaches at the Jackson-Winkeljohn academy in New Mexico have unlocked the way to do it.

“You have to be willing to be technical. You have to be willing to be smart. But at the end of the day you have to be willing to bite down and get gangster for five minutes at a time,” Borg said. “You’ve got to be prepared to bring him into a dog fight.

“You’ve got to be prepared for everything. Having the ability to do both is a game changer.”

Deep down, Borg knows that Johnson has been beaten before so as good as he’s looked since moving to flyweight that doesn’t mean he’s untouchable.

Eventually everyone loses a step and Borg truly feels that this is the time for a changing of the guard in the flyweight division to crown a new champion while passing the crown from the old to the new.

“I think the stars are going to align,” Borg said. “D.J.’s been a great champion, he’s had his time and he’s done great things for the division. It’s nature. Everyone’s time always comes.”

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