Raul Rosas Jr. plans to set a lot of UFC records

Raul Rosas Jr. set a record in his UFC debut at UFC 282 in December by becoming the youngest person to ever compete inside the octagon. He also became the youngest fighter to win a fight in the fight promotion when he defeated Jay Perrin by submission in the first round.

With one octagon appearance, the 18-year old set two UFC records and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. Rosas Jr. attended Fury FC 73 on Sunday to support his brother, Kevin Rosas, who was making his professional debut. Fury FC brought Rosas Jr. inside the cage to answer some question on the mic and Rosas Jr. made it clear that he has incredibly lofty goals.

“I’m ready to go out there and show my skillset like I’ve always done,” Rosas said. “I don’t care who I face, I’m here to show that there’s levels. Tune in April 8th, I’m going to show my skillset and show that I deserve to fight for a title.”

“Just believe in yourself, no matter who doubts you,” Rosas continued. “Right now, me saying I’m going to be champion, a lot of people think I’m crazy that I’m going to become the youngest UFC champion, but I believe in myself and mark my words: I will be champion in one year or less.”

Rosas didn’t stop there. He plans on becoming the first every triple champion in UFC history by winning championships in three different weight classes.

“I’m just getting started,” Rosas said. “This is nothing to me. I ain’t celebrating nothing until I have them three belts around my waist: 135, 145, 155, let’s go! Woo!”

Rosas (7-0) faces 7-1 Christian Rodriguez in his next match at UFC 287 on April 8 in Miami.

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