Rashad Forgets "Nipple tweak" at UFC 92

Every time you see a Greg Jackson trained fighter enter the Octagon, you can expect to see them tweak their nipples before entering combat. It’s become a tradition, and since it’s inception, it has yielded strong results for Jackson’s fighters in the UFC.

Heading into UFC 92, Rashad Evans prepared for the biggest fight of his career taking on Forrest Griffin for the UFC light heavyweight title. But as Bruce Buffer introduced the fighters, Evans forgot to perform the ritual.

According to a superstitious teammate, that’s why Evans lost the first two rounds against Griffin. “I didn’t do the nipple tweak,” said the UFC light heavyweight titleholder. “Jardine pointed it out. He said, ‘Know what? I think that’s maybe why you started off slow, man. You didn’t get the nipple tweak in.’

“That’s exactly what I get,” added Evans. “I realized after the fight started that I didn’t do the nipple tweak. I was like, man, what’s going on? I lost my mojo.”