Randy Couture Stands by Retirement Talk: I Want To Go Out on My Terms

He admits that you can never say never, but at 47 years of age, a burgeoning acting career, and numerous other ventures in his life, UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture insists that his intention to retire are whole-hearted. When he steps into the Octagon at UFC 129 on Saturday night to face Lyoto Machida, Couture doesn’t intend to ever return to the cage as a fighter.

“I’ve been doing this a long time. I knew that sooner or later enough was going to be enough. To be honest, I saw what was going on with Chuck (Liddell). It was real disappointing to see the fans kind of turn on Chuck and hear everybody chattering about whether Chuck should fight again or not,” said Couture on Thursday. “I thought it kind of sucked and I don’t really want to be in that spot.”

Couture wants to leave the Octagon on his terms, and after holding titles in two weight classes on multiple occasions, and fighting in some of the biggest fights in UFC history, he’s earned that.

Yes, he’s retired before. And yes, there are doubters, particularly UFC president Dana White, that question whether or not Couture will be able to resist the sirens call for another intriguing fight. But Randy Couture insists that when all is said and done at the Rogers Centre on Saturday night in Toronto, so is he.