by MMAWeekly.com

Randy Couture has long been considered one of the smartest most adaptable fighters in mixed martial arts. As he has gotten a little bit older, the 43 year-old Couture has proven that his smarts and adaptability aren’t limited to his “in-ring” experiences, although he is making his return to the Octagon on March 3rd to challenge UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia.


Couture has long been a part of various other ventures outside of competing. He and longtime training partner Matt Lindland started their own fight promotion, Sportfight, several years ago and it is still going strong. Couture has also jumped into the supplement business with Couture Nutrition and is a part of the Legends Gym in downtown Hollywood, Calif.


Today, Couture opens his own gym, Xtreme Couture, in Las Vegas, Nev. The 11,000 square foot facility includes a 24 ft. Octagon, a 24 ft. ring, two mat areas with nearly 4,000 square feet of training space, free weights and other fitness equipment, and 24 Muay Thai bags.


Although many non-fighters can be a little intimidated when they consider training in mixed martial arts, Couture believes it is an idea who’s time has come and that the average person off the street need not be intimidated. “People are intimidated to come to an MMA gym. They think its all fighters and they’re going to get punched and beat up,” commented Couture.


But Couture was reassuring, “The biggest thing we tell people is that nobody has to get hit in the head here. It’s about technique and training and getting the physical fitness and discipline from the sport and not actually having to get into the ring and spar unless that’s what you want to do. Maybe you have that screw loose and want to get punched in the head. There are a few that come in that way, but the majority of the people don’t want that.”


“Our motto is ‘check your ego at the door,'” said Couture.


Of course, Couture himself will be teaching some of the classes and working with the professional fighters, but many of those fighters and other professional trainers will also be teaching at Xtreme Couture. Besides Couture, instructors include Mike Pyle, Jay Hieron, Gray Maynard, Ron Frazier and Harout Terzyan.


Xtreme Couture will also have a full pro shop that includes not only Randy Couture’s own gear, but items from Tapout, the UFC, Sinister Brand, Throwdown, Triggonomics, Natural Couture supplements, and more.


The grand opening is today, Saturday, Feb. 3rd at 4055 W. Sunset Rd., just across the freeway from the Mandalay Bay. As part of the weekend opening, Couture will also be hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday at the gym.


Classes start on Monday, February 5th. For more information go to XtremeCouture.tv or call 702-616-1022.