September 11, 2008

by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com

Former UFC light
heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently decided to leave former
trainer and manager Juanito Ibarra and land with United Kingdom based Team


The former champion
spoke exclusively to MMAWeekly.com at UFC 88
in Atlanta about joining up
with the new team starting with his next fight.


“I just signed with a
new team. I ain’t been part of a team in a while.  Last team I was on was Team Punishment, if I can remember
correctly,” said Jackson.  “So Team
Punishment ain’t really punishing right now. They really ain’t teaming up.  I need a strong team behind me so I can
utilize the full capacity of my strengthnism in fighting.”


One of the biggest
factors in making the change was a friendship with Michael Bisping, who worked with
Jackson during his camps with Ibarra. Now they will team up again at Bisping’s
home camp in England.


“Michael Bisping is
such a good sparring partner, and all his guys he’s got in the U.K., and those
guys are really, really good. I really like their manager and I like the whole
system,” Rampage commented.


The Memphis native
confirmed that he signed on with Team Wolfslair for management as well as
training for future fights. 
Jackson also cemented that he will still work out in Big Bear, Calif.,
for part of his camp, but his main training would take place across the pond in


Despite strong
speculation that Jackson will make his return to the Octagon in a battle with
longtime nemesis Wanderlei Silva – a fighter he has twice lost to in
Pride – Jackson couldn’t comment on who he will face next, but he sounded
confident for whatever challenge lays ahead.


“Anybody steps in my
way, they’re going to get smashed,” Jackson stated.  “I’m learning some new skills, I’m doing my thing.  I’m going to be on top for a long time.”