Rampage Jackson Hopes for UFC Release After Latest Fallout

March 11, 2012

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s rage after his last loss in the UFC has continued via Twitter, with his latest rant asking for his release from the promotion.

Last week, Jackson stated that he had one fight left with the UFC and then he was moving onto another fight promotion.

Now, Jackson’s rant has moved onto the UFC’s pay scale and saying they took away his love of fighting after his 2008 fight against Forrest Griffin.

“Well I’m hoping the UFC just let me go so I can do my thang,” Jackson wrote on his Twitter page. “They took my love of fighting after the Forrest fight.”

Jackson also attacked the UFC’s pay scale when comparing it to boxing, stating that they are making billions and the fighters aren’t getting the right percentage of the returns.

“The UFC makes billions off of us all over the world, and pay us chump change,” Jackson said. “Boxers are boring but make buckets of money. Think!”

In previous interviews, UFC President Dana White has said that he knows Jackson gets angry and upset after his fights and sometimes says things that he doesn’t necessarily mean.

The UFC’s head honcho did say he spoke to Jackson at length last week, but didn’t reveal the nature of the conversation if the former Pride star was actually on his way out of the promotion, or if this was just post fight anger.

Jackson has never been one to hold his tongue before or after a fight, but this latest statement has continued even weeks after his loss to Ryan Bader at UFC 144 so there’s no telling how this ongoing saga will end.

Will the UFC listen to Rampage and actually consider releasing him?

It’s doubtful due to Rampage’s drawing power and tendencies to be angry or upset after a tough loss, but time will tell if Jackson will continue to be a UFC fighter or pursue interests in another fight promotion when it’s all said and done.

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