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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. If you aren’t listening daily to MMAWeekly Radio, you are missing out on the most inside information in MMA. On today’s show alone, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Matt Lindland, who just signed contracts with the WFA last night, both called into the big show.

Rampage talked about the process that he went through as a freee agent. Quinton went into detail about why he signed with the WFA, the terms of the deal, and who pursued him as a free agent. He also had strong opinions on why he left Pride.

Rampage told MMAWeekly Radio this morning, “They [Pride]didn’t pursue me or invest in me like they could’ve. Why wouldn’t they want to invest in me if they are coming to America? The WFA invested in me. I get to be on billboards in L.A. I get a percentage of pay-per-view buys. They invested a lot of cheedar in the big black man.”

Quinton also compared his WFA salary to his Pride salary, and spoke about why he feels the WFA will be better in the long run. Jackson went in-depth on his future and his contract situation.

Rampage also broke down his fight with Matt Lindland, talked about why he took the fight in the first place, and described how he will “Break the Law” on July 22nd.

Matt “The Law” Lindland then jumped on the air and talked about why he is fighting at 205 pounds for this fight, and discussed how much more money he is making at 205 pounds than he was at 185 pounds. In a funny exchange, Lindland then got lost on his way to the Burbank Airport and asked MMAWeekly Radio co-host Frank Trigg for directions to the airport, live on the air.

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