Join MMAWeekly Radio’s SoundOff tonight as former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin joins the broadcast. Remember, this week only, the show starts at 6:30pm PST / 9:30pm EST.

In this special interview appearance on MMAWeekly.com, Franklin joins co-hosts Damon Martin and Jeff Cain to talk about his fight with Anderson Silva and where he plans to direct his career.

Suffering an inury in the fight, Franklin will discuss his recovery, when he will be able to train full time again, and just what the future holds for MMAWeekly.com’s #3 ranked middleweight fighter in the world.

We’re also hoping to catch up with Mark Kerr who is slated to face Mike Whitehead in an IFL Super Fight on Thursday night. Kerr will just be coming out of the IFL weigh-ins and rules meeting while the broadcast is on the air, so we’ll be cutting it close, but we should be able to get him on in time.

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