Rachael Ostovich Reveals Details of Assault, Claims Past Abuse by Husband

November 22, 2018

Rachael Ostovich revealed details surrounding the assault that left her with a broken orbital bone last weekend when filing a restraining order against her husband Arnold Berdon.

Berdon was arrested on an attempted murder charge on Tuesday in Hawaii and remains in custody while awaiting arraignment after he allegedly assaulted his wife this past weekend.

The restraining order Ostovich filed was granted on a temporary basis for the next six months, which means if Berdon is released he is still not allowed within a 100-feet of his wife or their daughter.

In the request for the restraining order obtained by TMZ, Ostovich claims that she’s suffered abuse from her husband previously in an incident back in May where she alleges that he punched her in the legs several times and left numerous bruises.

Ostovich also alleges disturbing details regarding this latest assault that put her into the hospital and resulted in a broken orbital bone and other injuries.

“After a night out with family, [Arnold Berdon] punched me repeatedly on the head, face, ribs, making me fall to the ground,” Ostovich said in the petition to the court.

“I gasped for breath and escaped thru [sic] balcony. I coughed up blood, threw up several times. Cracked orbital.”

Ostovich was released from the hospital and filed for the restraining order the next day.

Berdon was then arrested on a second degree attempted murder charge, although that could change once formal charges are filed by authorities. If Berdon was convicted of second degree attempted murder, he could face life in prison.

Berdon is a professional mixed martial artist with a 7-2 record in his career.

As for Ostovich, she was pulled from her upcoming fight against Paige VanZant in January as a result of the assault and the injuries she suffered. Ostovich has made no public statement regarding the assault but her management team at Suckerpunch Entertainment asked for privacy while she deals with the situation.