Quick Hit: Jon Fitch Fell Down, Now it’s Time to Get Back Up

January 13, 2012

Jon Fitch
Through 15 fights in the UFC, Jon Fitch had only tasted one defeat and that was at the hands of welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

So it came as a shock to just about everyone that Fitch suffered a 16-second knockout loss to former NCAA champion wrestler Johny Hendricks back at UFC 141. Not because Hendricks wasn’t capable, but winning is just something everyone got used to with Jon Fitch.

Never one to sulk and wallow in his own misery however, Fitch is committed to getting back on the horse and turning things around in 2012 after a downtrodden 2011.

“What are you going to do? You fall down, you get back up,” Fitch’s coach Dave Camarillo told MMAWeekly Radio. “He’d fight today if he could. He’s got the suspension, but I mean he was in training on Monday.”

From the sound of his coach, Fitch is ready to get back on the horse and erase the memory of his last fight sooner rather than later.

Check out Dave Camarillo’s entire interview from MMAWeekly Radio here .

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