Quentin Henry Expects Nothing Less Than a Title Shot with Win on Friday Night

November 13, 2014

After personal issues caused him to get a bit off track, Legacy FC middleweight Quentin “Hero” Henry has gotten back on track with back-to-back wins.

Said Henry of his recent winning streak, “My ex-wife and I had just split up, so I got rid of that stress and was able to focus more on what I wanted to do.

“She wasn’t very supportive and all. I got away from that and got my mind right and got re-dedicated to it like I was before and have just been chugging along ever since.”

One thing that hasn’t changed throughout Henry’s career is the fact that he’s never been out of the first round in any of his pro fights.

“At the beginning of my career I just wasn’t experienced enough yet and would get caught up in the adrenaline part of it,” he told MMAWeekly.com. “Here lately, I’m not exactly going all-out the entire fight, but I don’t go out there and waste my time.

“The way I train is to not waste any energy or give anything away, so I’m real methodical, and it might take me a minute to get to that point, but once I do, it doesn’t take me long to finish it.”

At Legacy FC 37 on Friday in Houston, Henry (8-2) will take on Larry Crowe (8-3) in a 185-pound feature bout.

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“I didn’t change much from my last fight because in Nick Jackson you cannot find an opponent that is more like Larry Crowe than Nick is,” said Henry. “They’re the same exact height, they’re both southpaws and they move similar. I actually think Nick is stronger than Larry.

“I didn’t change that much from this one to the last one because it was pretty much like training for the same person.”

Henry feels that Crowe is the right fight for him to stake a claim for a shot at the Legacy FC middleweight title.

“The way things are with Legacy right now and just in general, a win over Larry makes me the number one contender,” said Henry. “I don’t see why not. I’d be the guy to beat for the open title.

“I’ll be 2-0 with Legacy. Larry is a very good opponent and has been in Legacy multiple times. So I think beating him makes me the guy at 185 pounds. That’s what I expect after this win.”

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