ProElite Shutting It’s Doors Today (Tuesday)

EliteXC executive JT Steele informed the Nevada State Atheltic Commission on Tuesday of “the unfortunate confirmation that the November 8, 2008 EliteXC event will be canceled. It is with great regret that I must also inform you that ProElite, Inc. will be closing our operation today.”

There had been some speculation that ProElite may run out the week, but it looks like that’s not going to happen, not that it made any difference to the parties involved anyway.

It’s a little early to tell how the closing of ProElite will effect the various fighters and promotions involved, most of them are spending a considerable amount of time today – and probably in the coming days – either on the phone with or in the offices of their lawyers trying to determine what their options are.

King of the Cage and Cage Rage have both gone on record to MMAWeekly saying that they will persevere, although it is unclear in what form or fashion.

Jake Shields told MMAWeekly on Tuesday that he is hoping to be set free from his contract and not be a part of the liquidation of ProElite’s assets, as he’d like to fight against as soon as possible and has his sights set on the UFC.