September 13, 2007

by Ken Pishna – MMAWeekly.com
ProElite, Inc. on Thursday announced that acquisition of venerable mixed martial arts promotion King of the Cage.

King of the Cage will promote events in conjunction with EliteXC, the live events division of ProElite, Inc. A large portion of what King of the Cage is expected to provide is the resources to bolster EliteXC’s ShoXC builder show that airs regularly on the Showtime premium channel.

King of the Cage, according to information provided by ProElite, promotes more than 35 events annually in locals spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Based in Fontana, Calif., King of the Cage was founded in 1999 by Terry Trebilcock.

“There is no question that this acquisition will bolster EliteXC’s exposure domestically and abroad,” said Gary Shaw, EliteXC Live Events President.

“We are extremely pleased that KOTC is joining the ProElite family, a natural extension of our brand as we continue to move forward with our global growth strategy,” said Douglas Deluca, CEO of ProElite, Inc.

The acquisition of King of the Cage is the latest, and not likely the last, in a series of moves by ProElite to expand their associations throughout the world.

On Sept. 6, ProElite announced the acquisition of premier U.K. mixed martial arts promotion Cage Rage.

In conjunction with the Cage Rage acquisition, ProElite also announced an agreement to make a capital investment in Entlian Corp., the organization that promotes MMA events in South Korea via its brand Spirit MC.

EliteXC’s next event, on Sept. 15 in Hawaii, is in partnership with Hawaiian promoter Icon Sport. Shaw has acknowledged that ProElite has an offer sheet on Icon Sport, but nothing had been finalized.

The acquisitions and partnerships are all part of ProElite’s plans to unify organizations and share fighters amongst them. Each of the various organizations involved is expected to continue presenting its brand, but with the added support and resources that ProElite brings to the table.

“We have our brand, it’s established,” said Cage Rage promoter Dave O’Donnell. “It’s going to be a bit of ProElite here and there to compliment it.

“Myself and Andy Geer will remain in control of operations, so you shouldn’t see that much difference in the shows, but where it is really going to show is in the production and organizational areas.”

“This [agreement] is about ‘fair’ partnership,” commented a Spirit MC representative. “Spirit MC and ProElite will cooperate in sharing and training their fighters for the events for the future.”