Pro Elite Auction: Hottest Ticket in Town?

With the advertisement of a ProElite garage sale hitting the wires last week, MMAInsider asked a few interested parties whether they planned to attend the Nov. 17 sale in Los Angeles.

Tom Atencio, VP of Affliction Entertainment, is not so hot on the idea. “It doesn’t make sense,” he said. “Do they really own the contracts of these fighters? It’s my understanding that some of the guys are already out of the contracts. There’s a bunch going on, I’m just trying to figure it out myself.”

JD Penn, President of Rumble World Entertainment, one of the original companies to join the consortium of promoters, says he will send his lawyer to the Los Angeles meeting.

“I licensed the name,” he said. “Other companies sold them. So if they’re in breach of anything in Rumble World, then I get Rumble World back. We’ll see what’s available, what’s for sale, if there is anything.”

T.Jay Thompson, president of Hawaii’s other big MMA promotion, ICON Sport, says he’s sitting on the fence. After all, he’s getting his ducks in a row to sue ProElite for non-payment of a five-year consulting deal he inked with the company last September.

“Yes (I’m going, but) I’m hearing rumors that ProElite is going to fight the auction,” he said. “Would I show up to an auction? I guess, if it happened, but I understand my physical library (of fights) is mine.”

Strikeforce executive Mike Afromowitz would not comment.

Terri Trebilcock, president of King of the Cage, was certain the auction would not happen.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva was unavailable for comment, though UFC president Dana White has expressed interest in Elite properties Jake Shields and Robbie Lawler, so his presence would seem certain.