translated by Momoro Kaji
DSE/ Pride has made the GP tournament style popular these days and plans on expanding it this year. Sakakibara announced last weekend that Pride was looking at having their GP series in the months of May, July, and September this year. And, that this tournament was possibly going to be the Heavyweight GP. But, what was most interesting was the fact that Pride is looking into holding a No Weight Limit GP, from welterweights all the way up to the heavyweights. And, that Pride was possibly looking at holding this event in November.

Since then Pride has confirmed on their website that Osaka will be the location for the first round of the GP this year on May 5th. But that it isn’t known whether this will be for the Heavyweight GP or for the No Weight Limit GP.

Hearkening back to the early UFC days of the no weight limit style tourneys, this conjures up limitless match-ups. Who will be invited? Who will fight who?

Sakakibara also mentioned that they would probably start the Bushido series in April and have those events on the even months till October. Since then, Pride’s website has announced that they will start either the Lightweight or Welterweight Bushido GP in June.

As far as the next Pride show goes- Pride 31. That will be on February 26th. Pride’s website mentions that they would like to have Rodrigo Nogueira, ‘Shogun’ Rua, ‘Rampage’ Jackson, and any heavyweights who did well on the 12/31 show to be on the card. It was also mentioned that Yoshida wanted to take a break.