Pride’s website this week talked with Nobuyuki Sakakibara about Pride coming to the United States and whether the California State Athletic Commission would allow the use of a ring or not.

MMAWeekly asked Sakakibara if Pride would consider holding an event in the United States with a cage since a cage is the only way you could hold an MMA event in California if the California doesn’t approve the ring this month?

Sakakibara said sternly, “We won’t use a cage.” “There has been some speculation about the use of a ring and there was talk that it would be approved at an earlier stage. We want to apply so that we will be able to use the ring. Even if the ring is permitted, say with 4 ropes, that would still be different than the PRIDE ring. I hope that the PRIDE ring, with 5 ropes, will be approved as soon as possible.”

So if California did adopt a ring format, (which is currently being negotiated with the California State Athletic Commission) look for Pride to put a show on in Los Angeles.

Sakakibara said quote “I’d like to put together an event in Dodger Stadium that would amaze the American fans. I hope that American fans will work so that we will be able to put on PRIDE events in America. Please support PRIDE too, not just the UFC.”