by Scott Petersen, translation by Tatsuo Kubo
In Osaka, Japan this weekend, Dream Stage Entertainment President Nobuyuki Sakakibara announced that DSE will launch a new series of Pride shows in America next year.

It wasn’t long ago that DSE started the Pride Bushido series to showcase the lighter-weight talent. That has been so successful, with Takanori Gomi as the face of Bushido, that it will be moving from the smaller venues to the much larger Saitama Super Arena for the start of the Bushido Welterweight Grand Prix this June.

Pride has all of the plans in place for its first show in America this fall after the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved the use of the Pride ring (instead of a cage) for the promotion’s events. However, Sakakibara did not say whether or not this first show would be a part of Pride’s separate new American series.

Sakakibara said that they plan on having four or five shows in the U.S. in 2007 as a part of the Pride American series. Also on the horizon is the possiblity of having one or two GP’s in America next year, but it’s unclear whether they would be part of the separate Pride American series.

Sakakibara said that he wants the U.S. fans to take to the new series in America so that the series can to take root and grow.