by Scott Petersen
We’ve been hearing it for a long time, but Pride feels that 2006 is the year that Pride will enter the United States. And, not only is DSE looking to expand it’s borders into the United States but Korea.

DSE President, Sakakibara recently said that either California or Las Vegas could be the site of the first Pride show in the United States. Even though the sport hasn’t been sanctioned yet in California, after it is sanctioned Sakakibara said that Dodgers Stadium or the Staples Center are potential venues.

The sport is however already sanctioned in Nevada and Nevada will allow the use of the ring which at this point California will not, but they would be using the three 5 minute rounds format as sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic commission. Pres. Sakakibara was unhappy about the point of California not allowing the use of the ring but the cage in it’s future MMA events. Sakakibara said that a “variety of rules should be allowed”, and that it’s wrong that the UFC should be setting the standard.