Pride has to be smiling as for the first time Pride edged out K1 in the ratings battle this weekend. The numbers are still coming in, but Pride pulled out the win as far as tv goes.

According to NHK Ratings and Video Research Ltd. Co. Japan, Sankei Shimbun (Fuji TV line of media) broke down the ratings from the 8-11 PM time slot.

PRIDE’s Shockwave show lasted from 6 PM to 11:45 PM and drew a 17.0% rating for the 3-hour block. The K-1 Osaka Dome show drew a 14.8% rating. These are not complete ratings, but this is the first data that has come in.

Meanwhile the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper has different reports as they report the numbers were actually K-1 – 14.8%, PRIDE – 15.3%. So the later suggests it was extremely close.