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Wanderlei Silva VS Dan Henderson

RD 1- Henderson comes out the aggressor as he throws a couple of flurrys but Silva responds back. Henderson loses his balence and Silva lands on top. Silva in half guard and Henderson holds Silva as there is little action. They are stood back up, Both fighters swinging for the fences as they clinch in the corner, they are broken up. Henderson rocks Silva with punches but he responds back with a flurry. Both fighters exchanging and Henderson drops Silva to knee but Silva recover as they continue to exchange. Silva rocks Henderson with aflurry but Henderson responds with his own flurry to end the round.

RD 2- They feel each other out as Henderson clinches and gets a takedown. They are restarted in the middle of the ring, Henderson lands a couple of shots in Silva’s guard. Henderson is landing some solid shots as Silva tries to monut any kind of offense. Henderson rocks Silva with a couple of shots as they are restarted in the middle of the ring. Henderson continues to land shots but Silva goes for an armbar but Henderson escapes and lands more shots to end the round.

Rd 3- Both fighters looking to asert themselves on the feet but neither landing anything significant. Henderson goes for a takedown but Silva scrambles and gets to his feet. They sepertate and excahnge a couple of shots. Henderson lands a big punch that rocks Silva but they clinch up. They sperate and Henderson lands a huge left hook that knocks Silva out.

Henderson by KO, 2:08 into the 3rd RD.

Dan Henderson is the new Pride Middleweight Champion.

8th match
Takanori Gomi VS Nick Diaz

RD 1- Gomi gets a takedown and Diaz garbs an arm for a kimura as they stand back up but Gomi throws him to the ground. Gomi is landing solid shots from Diaz’s guard. Diaz going for a triangle choke but Gomi escapes and lands a couple of shots before they get back on their feet. Both fighters throwing leather as Diaz rocks Gomi with a couple of shots but Gomi drops Diaz and they end up in Diaz’s guard. Back on their feet, both fighters are slugging it out as Diaz lands solid shots and Gomi has his hands down but he returns fire. An exciting first round.

RD 2- Gomi is slow to come out of his corner. Diaz goes in for the kill but Gomi survives and throws back as they clinch along the ropes. A break is called as to check Diaz’s nose, action resumes as both fighters continue to slug it out at a frantic pace. Gomi gets a takedown but Diaz locks on a gogoplata that chokes Gomi out.

Diaz with a gogoplata, 1:46 into the 2nd RD.

7th match
Mauricio Rua VS Alistair Overeem

RD 1- Shogun come out aggressive, throwing a couple of head kicks. Overeem scoops Shogun’s leg from under and takes him down but they quickly get back to their feet. Overeem being agressive with punches on their feet as Shogun returns fire. They go to the ground and Shoun goes for a kimura from the bottom but Overeem escapes. Shogun gets a takedown and lands a couple of solid shots, Overeem lands an upkick. Shogun lands a big shot that stuns Overeem and Shogun finishes him with strikes from side mount.

Shogun by TKO, 3:27 into the 1st RD.

6th match
Sergei Kharitonov VS Mike Russow

RD 1- Kharitonov comes out relaxed, while Russow works for a takedown but Kharitonov defending well. Russow lands a punch that stuns Kharitonov, a little more stand-up and Russow drops Kharitonov with a punch. Russow moves into side mount then mount before briefly getting Kharitonov’s back. Russow ends up in Kharitonov’s guard and he drops punches he gets caught in an armbar that forces Russow to tapout.

Sergei Kharitonov by an armbar, 3:46 into the 1st RD.

5th match
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai VS Mac Danzig

RD 1- Both fighters feel each other out, Sakurai hurts Danzig and starts landing a big flurry of punches but Danzig survives. Sakurai drops Danzig with a knee but Danzig recovers and they are restarted on their feet. Danzig tries to get Sakurai’s back on the feet but Sakurai ends up in Danzig’s guard. Sakurai is landing some shots in danzig’s guard but Danzig avoiding shots. Back on their feet, Sakurai landing low kicks before getting a beautiful judo throw. He works an armlock until rounds end.

RD 2- Sakurai gets a takedown but they are soon back on their feet. Sakurai the busier fighter on the feet, landing punches and low kicks. Sakurai landing some vicious low kicks. Sakurai lands a big overhand right that knocks Danzig out.

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai by KO, 4:01 into the 2nd RD.

4th match
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira VS SOKOUDJOU

RD 1- SOKOUDJOU comes out aggressive with kicks and lands a hard left hook that knocks Nogueira out as he finishes the fight with strikes.

SOKOUDJOU by KO, 0:23 into the 1st RD.

3rd match
Travis Wiuff VS James Lee

RD 1- Lee drops Wiuff with apunch and tries to finsih it with strikes but Wiuff gets a takedown, after another scramble Lee secures a guillotine choke that forces Wiuff to tapout.

James Lee by guillotine choke, 0:39 into the 1st RD.

2nd match
Kazuo Misaki VS Frank Trigg

RD 1- Both fighters feel each other out, Trigg goes in for a takedown and they clinch along the ropes. Trgg gets the takedown and lands in side mount After a lull in action, Trigg gets Misaki’s back, he peppers Misaki with punches before getting a choke. The crowd goes wild as they think he has it secured but Misaki esacpes. Trigg keeps working for the choke until the end of the round.

RD 2- Trigg goes for a takedown and throws Misaki, landing in side mount. Trigg using shoulder strikes as he continues to work in side mount, Trigg moves into mount then gets Misaki’s back. Misaki escapes to his feet and starts lands a solid right straight. They continue to work with Misaki being the busier fighter on the feet. Misaki lands a knee but Trigg gets a takedown. Trigg landing some solid shots from within Misaki’s guard. Trigg continues to work till rounds ends.

RD 3- They start the round on the feet but Trigg gets another takedown. Trigg landing solid shots to the body as they are stopped to be repsoitioned in the middle of the ring. Trigg landing some shots as Misaki goes for a triangle choke but Trigg moves into side mount. Trigg landing knees to Misaki’s body as he gets Misaki’s back once again. Misaki escapes to the feet and starts land some low kicks. Misaki lands a solid knee but Trigg gets a takedown. Trigg ends the fight in Misaki’s guard.

Frank Trigg by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

1st match
Joachim Hansen VS Jason Ireland

RD 1- Ireland comes out aggressive on the feet and soon takes Hansen down. Ireland works a little ground and pound before Hansen gets back to his feet. Clinched along the ropes before they are broken up by the referre. Hansen gets a takedown a takedown and then gets Ireland’s back. Back on the feet Hansen gets another takedown and makes a nice transition to Ireland’s back. Ireland reverses and ends the round on top of Hansen.

RD 2- Both fighters come out aggressive, Hansen starts to unload on the feet with puches and knees. Ireland defending well, then gets taken down. Hansen uses superior ground positioning throughout the round. Hansen gets Ireland’s back and then transitions to an armbar, Hansen pounds on Ireland’s head as Irelands survives to the end of the round.

RD 3- Hansen landing knees in the corner before Ireland gets tripped down. Ireland back on his feet and he gets a takedown, Hansen goes for a triangle choke He pounds on Ireland’s haed and then transitions to an armbar. Hansen is cranking it hard and Ireland refuses to tapout, the refeere finally steps in to stop the fight as Ireland’s arm was in danger of breaking.

Joachim Hansen by TKO (armbar), 2:33 into the 3rd RD.