Pressure is on UFC, Not Fighters, to Deliver on Fox

November 9, 2011

The UFC on Fox debut show is literally just a few days away from now and the pressure to deliver is on more than ever.

UFC president Dana White has talked for weeks about all the hype and work they have done as an organization to make sure this debut show on Fox is everything hardcore fans, casual fans and new fans could hope for in a single fight.

But despite the overwhelming magnitude of the inaugural UFC on Fox show, White insists that none of that falls on the shoulders of UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior Dos Santos.

Prior to the fights, White always gives a speech to the competitors and talks to them about performance as well as serving as a motivational talk of sorts. Will that change with the pressure to deliver for the first ever network TV broadcast for the UFC on Fox?

“This is just another fight. On the production side and all the other stuff that we the UFC have to pull off, this is just another fight for these two,” White said on Wednesday.

“Whether we’re doing this thing on Fox or on pay-per-view, wherever we are, I’m going to talk to these guys just like I do every Friday after the weigh-ins and then I will not talk to them again until the press conference.”

Once all the bells and whistles are over with on the Fox pre-show, red carpet events, and hype leading into the card, ultimately the onus falls on Velasquez and Dos Santos to go out there and fight.

While many believes that’s going to put a lot of extra pressure on the fighters to perform, White insists the pressure really falls on him, the UFC, and the production of the show to deliver.

“I talk to them Friday after the weigh-ins just like any other fight. I’m not worried about putting any added pressure or adding anything like that. The pressure’s on us. We’re pulling off a show we’ve never done before with our new partners that we’ve never worked with before. There’s a lot of different moving parts and pieces to this thing. That’s where the pressure is,” said White.

For Velasquez and Dos Santos, this fight will feel no different than any other they’ve been involved in before.

“I’m going to talk to these guys Friday and then I will leave them alone until after the fight,” White stated.

Both Velasquez and Dos Santos have performed at the highest levels on the biggest stages to this point in their respective careers, so it’s hard to imagine with the UFC heavyweight title on the line that anything much will change. Everyone will find out for sure on Saturday night on Fox.

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