by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
At one time it looked as if Trevor Prangley was going to be making a run at the UFC Middleweight Championship. Then after a controversial split-decision loss to Jeremy Horn at UFC 56 and a bad performance against Chael Sonnen at Ultimate Fight Night 4, Prangley found himself out of not only title contention but the UFC completely.

Now after some inactivity, not all his doing, Trevor is set to return at this weekend’s upcoming Strikeforce show in Fresno, California against veteran Brian Pardoe in a special 200lb weight limit fight.

“I’ve been training really,” said Prangley of his time since leaving the UFC. “I was supposed to fight in Hawaii in July against Marcello Tigre but that didn’t come around. I was actually at the show when I found out he wasn’t going to make it.”

Prangley continued, “Overall I’ve been staying busy and training a lot down in California at AKA [American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose] and I’m ready to go. After my last fight in the UFC, which was a horrible performance on my part, I decided to take a little time off, get rested and then I started training again for that fight in Hawaii and since then have been staying ready to go.”

In an interesting turn of events, the time Trevor has spent training without a fight has actually ended up helping him work on his game and as he puts it, become an even more dangerous fighter.

“We’ve got a great training camp at the AKA right now and I’ve been training hard,” explained Prangley. “I’ve been doing a lot of sparing, cardio work, a lot of everything. I’ve changed my training routine up a little bit. I’m going to be more rested because I think I’ve over-trained for a lot of my fights. [In the past] I trained real hard and wasn’t able to push myself in my fights because I was burnt out, so we changed things. I think people are going to see a much better conditioned Trevor Prangley than before.”

“I’ll be able to finish the fight. When I get someone in danger I’ll be able to finish them instead of trying to conserve energy because I was getting tired real fast and burning fast. So now people are going to be able to see what I’m really capable of,” continued Trevor.

When it comes to his fight at Strikeforce, Prangley feels that his training will make him too much for Pardoe to handle.

“Its same old same old…a fight’s a fight,” commented Trevor. “Obviously I know he’s a big strong guy and has a pretty good right hand, so I’ve been working on dodging that a lot I guess [laughs]. Like I said just staying in condition, push the action and keep the pressure on until I finish him.”

After Strikeforce Prangley intends to stay busy and build upon his momentum heading into next year.

“I’ve got a fight scheduled for December with the new Bodog Fights,” announced Trevor. “I don’t have an opponent or a specific date set, but I am scheduled to fight in that. I had a slow start to the year, but I’m finishing strong with thee fights in the last four months.”

Not only is Prangley’s in the ring activity going to be up, he’s also going to be busy wearing the promoters cap this coming winter.

“We’re promoting a show, Pride and Fury 6, coming up in November 16th at the Coeur D’Alene Casino in Worley [Idaho] again,” said Trevor. “I’m trying to work on getting Bobby Southworth as my main event, but we’re not sure of that because he’s scheduled to fight in Strikeforce, so we’ll have to work a deal and see if he can do that. Other than that we just got the okay on the show and soon we’ll get the card announced.”

Trevor finished by wanting to give thanks to the people that have been supporting him and by wanting to send a message to the fans that have stuck by him throughout this tough year.

“I want to thank my training partners, Phil Baroni, John Fitch, Mike Swick, Josh Koscheck, Bobby Southworth and Josh Tompson…my coaches Javier Mendez, Dave Camarillo, “Crazy” Bob Cook, and everybody at the AKA…and everybody up in Idaho, they’ve supported me a lot,” exclaimed Prangley. “You know without great support you can’t do it, so it’s important [to have support].”

“I want the fans to know that yeah I’ve been a little quiet this year but I’m coming back strong. I know I’ve got some good fans out there so I want them to know that I’m coming back and they’re going to like what they’ll see. Come on out, I’m ready to go. When I’m ready there’s nobody around here that’s going to beat me,” concluded Trevor.