by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Just after his victory over Sam Stout in the main event of the UFC’s “Ultimate Finale” show on Spike TV, Kenny Florian spoke with MMAWeekly about the fight and his immediate future in the UFC’s lightweight division.

“You know, honestly, without taking anything away from Sam Stout, I knew it had the potential to be a quick fight,” said Florian. “I trained so hard for this fight, and actually, I wanted to stand up with him a little bit, too, but he gave me the takedown early, and I never go in there with timing on my mind. Whether it’s a minute or 30 seconds or 15 minutes, I’m always looking to finish the fight.”

Both of Florian’s two most recent opponents have said that they didn’t think he could take them down, and both were proven incorrect.

Regarding his opponents’ attempts to stop his takedowns and their pre-fight confidence that he won’t be able to take them down, Florian said, “People don’t realize I work hard on all my takedowns. I work on all of my game, and I think people will be surprised when they finally see my stand-up. I went in there with the thought of taking whatever he gives me. I’m not going to force anything. He happened to be upright, coming straight at me, throwing punches, and the takedown was there, so I took it.”

Florian added, “People have to realize I’m finally fighting in my own weight class. I’m not fighting at 185 pounds or 170 pounds anymore.”

After such a dominant performance against a fighter on the level of Sam Stout, Florian would seem to be on the short list of fighters that the UFC would consider for a shot at the vacant Lightweight Title. When asked about this, Kenny Florian said that he just wants to fight.

“I’ll do whatever the UFC tells me to do,” Florian commented. “I’m ready for the top fighters in the world, and I want to prove it. I want to show the rest of my skills. I’m excited [about] what this fight gave me as far as opportunities, and I’m just here to make a statement.”