by Ivan Canello – MMAWeekly.com
Silva Moving to the U.S.

Wanderlei Silva will be moving to the U.S. in the next few weeks. It seems that the former Pride Light Heavyweight Champion is looking for a change in his career.

Wanderlei established a good relationship with Randy Couture when they met to open Couture’s new Camp. Silva received an invitation from the UFC Heavyweight Champion to train with him in the future.

It’s important to mention that Wanderlei’s move to the U.S. does not mean he’s leaving Chute Boxe. In fact, Silva plans on opening the doors to potential new Chute Boxe athletes. “I want to make new paths to Chute Boxe athletes, I want to give them the opportunity I had to make money with the sport,” said the former champion. Wanderlei Silva is a great fighter and a great person. Hopefully he can find what he is looking for.

Shogun is Ready.

Pride 2005 Middleweight Grand Prix Champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is ready. Despite rumors that the Chute Boxe star would face Ryoto Machida in his UFC debut, the Curitiba, Brazil resident will meet Ultimate Fighter winner Forrest Griffin and fans are getting excited. Sporting a new hairdo, Mauricio has been training very hard in preparation for his anticipated fight.

Rua trains Vale-Tudo every single day from 9:00a.m. to 12:30p.m. After lunch, “Shogun” works on his wrestling for almost two hours under the tutelage of national class wrestler Cristopher Led. Finally, Royler Gracie’s Jiu-Jitsu black belt Cristiano Marcello finishes Mauricio’s day with two hours of Jiu-Jitsu training.

Shogun stated that he is amazed with the treatment he has received from UFC. Rua went on to say that he had not received this kind of reception even in Pride.

The Spider

Anderson Silva is proving that he is one of the most dangerous strikers in the sport. Some people may not know that Anderson came from a boxing background. He started very young in Sao Paulo training in boxing and later he moved to Curitiba where he began to train in Muay Thai. Shortly after, Silva started competing in Muay Thai fights during the height of Vale Tudo’s popularity and was a very tough contender for any fighter.

In his last fight against Nathan Marquardt, Anderson needed only one round to prove he is the greatest 185-pound fighter in the UFC. According to Brazilian fans, Anderson would make an excellent opponent for Paulo Filho. We already know that they are very close friends and have publicly stated that they wouldn’t fight each other. However, fans like to see a good fight so we’ll have to wait and see.

Ninja to Face Robbie Lawler

After claiming the vacant EliteXC Middleweight title, Murilo Rua will probably make the first defense of his belt against Miletich fighter Robbie Lawler on September 15th in Hawaii. “I know that Lawler has an excellent stand up game, and I am prepared to face him in a stand up game or a ground game,” stated Rua.

Just like Wanderlei Silva, “Ninja” will make the move to the U.S by the end of the year. “I want to move to U.S and open a Chute Boxe camp and it will happen this year”.

Andre Dida Shines in Japan

Chute Boxe’s 155-pound prospect Andre Dida made his second appearance in a Hero’s ring against previously undefeated wrestler Artur Oumakhanov. The Russian didn’t seem to respect Dida’s superior striking and paid the price. Dida finished his opponent at 1:20 into the first round. Andre was originally scheduled to face Gesias Calvancanti in the first round of the K-1 Hero’s 155-pound Grand Prix. Unfortunately, “JZ” suffered a hand injury during his last fight against Masato. According to K-1, Calvancanti will receive a bye into the second round of the tournament. Although Dida lost his spot in the tournament, there’s a possibility he could face the defending Grand Prix Champion in the second round.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira – Minotouro in Pan American Boxing

“Minotouro” debuted in the Pan American Boxing super heavyweight division (over 205 lb) last Saturday against Trinidad and Tobago’s Enoch Romeo. The Pride veteran defeated Romeo by points, 17 to 2. Nogueira fought again Monday and earned another win via points (18 to 6) over Jonny Molina, from Venezuela. “It was a tough fight, strong punches, but I could keep the distance and I was able to turn up the fight,” said Nogueira. Next Wednesday, Nogueira will face Cuban Boxer Robert Alfonso in the semi-final.

MTL – “The Brazilian IFL”

The IFL team concept has caught on in Brazil and it involves some of the most respected names in the sport including Wanderlei Silva, Murilo Bustamante, Pedro Rizzo and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. The veteran fighters are the first four captains of the MTL.

Unlike the IFL, the league the captains wont fight each other, they will only train their pupils and prepare them to face their opponents. This week Wanderlei Silva and Murilo Bustamante were in their respective cities (Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro) along with their teams in preparation for the first MTL event on August 11th. Take a look at the lineup between Wanderlei Silva’s Hurricanes and Murilo Bustamante’s Wild Fires:

Silva’ Hurricanes (Curitiba) vs. Bustamante’s Wild Fires (Rio de Janeiro):

– 155 lb: Ocimar Costa vs. Luciano Azevedo
– 170 lb: Flavio Alvaro vs. Gerson Conceicao
– 185 lb: Rafael Sapo vs. Silmar Rodrigo
– 205lb: Rafael Monteiro vs. Alexandre Cacareco
– 265 lb: Andre Mussi vs. Joaquim Mamute

Storm Samurai GP Will Bring Heavyweights to Curitiba

The most popular and well promoted Mixed Martial Arts event in Brazil brings a new form of competition to Curitiba, Brazil. Chute Boxe Masters Rudimar Fedrigo and Rafael Cordeiro gathered 16 fighters in order to discover who the next heavyweight contender is. This Storm Samurai event brings an official sized UFC octagon and the rules will consist of a mix between PRIDE and UFC; elbows, knees, stomps, soccer kicks will be allowed. The mix of rules should make some exciting fights and fans shouldn’t miss the upcoming show next weekend.

The Storm Samurai Grand Prix will span over two events with the first round on July 28th and the second to take place sometime in November. Pride veteran Zuluzinho is expected to face a yet to be named Chute Boxe fighter on the November card in a non-tournament match.

07-28 Storm Samurai GP Card so far:

– Carlos Monstro (Chute Boxe) vs. Antonio Conceicao (Jaragua JJ/X-Team)
– Michael Falcao (Parana VT) vs. Lucio Aguiar (Bruno Carvalho Team)
– Sidney Silva (World Muay Thai Strong) vs. Rafael Wasloy (Thai Boxe)
– Silvao Santos (Macaco Gold Team/Chute Boxe) vs. Edson Conterraneo (Miguel Repanas)
– Rodrigo Poderoso (Gracie Barra) vs. Fabiano “Pega Leve” Scherner (Super Pro Sumui)
– Julio Cesar Jamanta (Chute Boxe) vs. Salvador Minutti (Super Fight Team)
– Walter “Terminator” Marzukipars (Wrestling Argentina) vs. Angelo Araujo (BTT)

– One last fight is expected to be announced soon.

The event will be broadcast via www.mmawl.com and the fans can watch a video preview of the upcoming Grand Prix on the official Storm Samurai website: Http://www.stormsamurai.com.br