by Ivan Canello – MMAWeekly.com

Wanderlei Silva has been the number one topic in the last two weeks in Brazil. He is receiving a lot of criticism from the Brazilian fans.

Wanderlei left Brazil to get his own team and put himself in an odd position when American press announced that he was training with Randy Couture.

Let me explain why this is odd: Couture’s most recent opponent, Gabriel Gonzaga, is a Jorge Patino “Macaco” jiu-jitsu black belt and Macaco is a Chute Boxe team member, beside the fact that Forrest Griffin trains at Couture Camp and will fight against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, made the situation even more shaky.

Many Brazilian fans are not happy with Wanderlei’s moves as of late.


First it was Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and Rogerio “Minotouro” Nogueira, then BTT coach and fighter Jose Mario Sperry joined the exodus from Brazilian Top Team.

With those huge changes in his team, Murilo Bustamante announced that he is putting things in order again. He is concerned with the fighters and with the business.

According to Murilo, Sperry is moving to the U.S. to seek an old dream, but they will still be in contact just like Liborio at American Top Team.

To avoid problems with managers, Murilo is changing the politics between fighters and managers. According to him, the managers need to be more ethical in their negotiations.


Last Saturday, São Paulo was the stage of the sixth edition of the Predador FC. This event is by far the biggest show in São Paulo. The organization and production are impeccable.

This particular edition was highlighted by the bad blood between Jorge Patino “Macaco” and Ryan Gracie, both owners of rival camps in São Paulo. One week earlier at another event, the two fighters had a “face to face” backstage that resulted in punches being thrown.

This time, Jorge Patino “Macaco” (Macaco Gold GYM/Chute Boxe) had to face Gustavo “Ximú” (Gordo Jiu Jitsu) with Ryan Gracie in Ximu´s corner heating up both the fight and the backstage area, but in the end nothing “extra” happened.

The fighters needed all three rounds and the fight was very close with Macaco winning by split decision.

The great name of the event was Pancrase Fighter Fabio Silva (Chute Boxe) that took out Claudio Godoi (Brazilian Top Team) with a huge KO in the second round. Fabio had some difficulty in the first round with the ground game presented by Godoi, but he was able to defend himself and when the fight restarted in the second round, Silva looked like a machine gun with punches and knees that put Godoi to sleep.

Predador FC Results:

Juliano Belgine def. Gérson Índio by Armlock
Sérgio Vieira def. Gilmar China by Unanimous Decision
Maurício Alonso def. Gilberto Galvão by TKO
Pedro Irié def. Carlos Galvão by Unanimous Decision
Thiago Jambo def. Vágner Curió by Unanimous Decision
Mauro Xuxa def. Ricardo Máximo by Rear Naked Choke
Rafael Motta def. Márcio Barão by Unanimous Decision
Fábio Silva def. Cláudio Godói by KO
Jorge Patino Macaco def. Gustavo Ximú by Split Decision


Chute Boxe Masters Rafael Cordeiro and Rudimar Fedrigo returned with Storm FC, this time in Guarapuava City. The new athletes of Chute Boxe had a chance to show their skills against other teams and Chute Boxe had 100% of the wins.

Storm FC Results:

Muay Thai
Eduardo Borba def. Paulo Scremim by KO
Julio Borges def. Danilo Zen by KO

Jetron Amaral def. Alessandro Filhote by Split Decision
Claudionor Fontinelle def. Adison Lira by KO
Marcio “Gracinha” Mehech def. Fernando Zanon by TKO
Michael Costa def. José Batista Neto by KO
Ney Gladiador def. Alex “Espigão” Moura by Rear Nake Choke
Mario “Soldado” Sartori def. Araripe Boi by Armlock


Andre “Dida” signed with K-1 for two years and can fight in both K-1 MAX and Hero’s.

Mestre Rafael Cordeiro stated, “Dida is fully ready to fight anyone in his weight class. Dida will fight the next Hero’s event in the Grand Prix and according to his contract he can fight in K-1 MAX as well.”

Dida is one of the most highly regarded fighters at Chute Boxe and scored a win against Russian fighter Artur Oumakhanov in the opening round of the K-1 Hero’s Middleweight Grand Prix.

“I am ready to fight this Grand Prix. I was waiting for this opportunity for a long time, now is time to show what I am made of,” said Dida.

The next round of the Hero’s Grand Prix will be at Sept. 17 when Dida will face Japanese fighter Kaoro Uno.


It was recently announced by Kobushi Interprise that the traditional Japanese organization Shoot Boxing will be in Brazil in the next few weeks. This event will have only amateur bouts and besides the name and the glamour of Shoot Boxing, Kobushi Interprise announced that two Japanese judges are coming to Brazil to be in the event to be held in São Paulo.


Former Pride and now UFC fighter Fabricio Werdum signed with Chute Boxe and is already training at his new camp with fighters like Mauricio “Shogun” and Murilo “Ninja” Rua.

Werdum stated, “I am very happy with my new training partners and I hope I can get the Chute Boxe spirit and improve my stand up skills.”

Werdum has three more UFC fights on his contract and now that he is at the Chute Boxe camp, his stand up skills should improve, just like his stamina.

“When I first step here, I could see that my training speed wasn’t right. The training here is so much harder, but I am adapting myself and all the coaches and athletes are being like brothers,” said Werdum.


This next month will be full of commitments for Brazilian fighters in the U.S. BJJ Black Belt and Chute Boxe coach Cristiano Marcello fights September 1 at Art of War in Dallas, as do former UFC and Pride fighter Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo, Luis “Banha” Arthur Cane and Fabiano Capoani. They all arrived in Dallas on Monday.

Art of War was postponed twice, making the lives of the fighters a little bit harder as they spent almost three months waiting for the event. Marcello said, “I was in total shape two months ago and now I am even better.”

Art of War Fight Card

Pedro Rizzo vs. Jeff Monson
Jeremy Horn vs. Jorge Santiago
Keith Wisniewski vs. Carlo Prater
Ron Waterman vs. Mario Rinaldi
Hector Munoz vs. Cristiano Marcelo
Alex Andrade vs. Fabiano Capoani
James Damien Stelly vs. Luiz “Banha” Arthur Cane
Lana Stefanac vs. Franita Gathings
Anthony Njokuani vs. Keyon Mike Jackson
Jason Maxwell vs. Thomas Schulte


Murilo “Ninja” Rua and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will fly to the U.S. on Sept. 12. Ninja will attempt to defend his middleweight belt at EliteXC against ICON champion Robbie Lawler in Hawaii.

“I am training to hold this belt for a long time. My jiu-jitsu, wrestling and Muay Thai are very good and I hope we can give the audience a great show,” stated Ninja.

Shogun is fully ready to face Forrest Griffin at UFC on Sept. 22. He is currently working on his ground game with Cristiano Marcello and Fabricio Werdum.

This time Chute Boxe will bring Christopher Led to the U.S. Led is a wrestling coach and Shogun’s sparring partner. According to Led, Shogun has an incredible takedown defense.

“Shogun is a top athlete, his body conditioning is crazy, his stand up and ground game are incredible, and now his takedown defenses are sharp as well,” said Led.