Press Release courtesy of PMMAL

League Baseball
has the minor leagues; the NBA has the D-League; the NHL
has the AHL; and the NFL has college football.


All the major sports leagues
have "feeder systems" and now Southern California fight promoter and
sports entrepreneur Roy Englebecht
has decided that mixed martial arts also needs its own legitimate minor league


In an effort to help develop
the next generation of MMA stars while providing investors a chance to own
their own professional sports franchise, Englebrecht announced Wednesday the
launch of the Professional Mixed

Martial Arts League (PMMAL).  


Set to begin play in early
2010, the PMMAL will award charter
ownerships to teams in eight specific areas including six Southern California
counties and Las Vegas.


"The time has finally
arrived for mixed martial arts and for the PMMAL," stated Englebrecht.
"As a club promoter of MMA since it was approved in California in 2006, I
know first-hand the struggle young fighters have in trying to get fights, and
the major struggles small mixed martial arts promoters encounter just trying to
promote a show, give the fighters and fans a good experience, and most
important — hopefully turn a small profit.  


"Now with the Professional
Mixed Martial Arts League, some of the best young MMA fighters competing today
can be part of a team, know when and where they will fight each month, and be
paid and treated like the professional athletes they are."


As one of the founding owners
of arguably one of the most successful minor league baseball franchises ever,
the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes,
Englebrecht knows what it takes to make a professional team organization work
and how owners can run a profitable pro sports team business.  


"I know the fun and
profitability that an investment in a professional sports team can
provide," he stated. "I know about the dreams of most every sports fan
to be just like Jerry Jones, Jerry Buss, Arte Moreno, or George
and own a pro sports team, as I realized that dream with
the Quakes. Now the dream of owning a professional sports team can become a
reality with the purchase of a PMMAL team.


"Having the opportunity to
get in on the ground floor of any business is worth its weight in gold, so
buying in as a charter owner of a PMMAL team, involving the hottest pro sport
today, is an unbelievable opportunity and one that should not be missed by


The PMMAL concept will see
qualified owners awarded a team and have exclusive territorial rights in seven
regions; San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura
, Riverside County,

San Bernardino County, and Las Vegas.  


The eight team league will be
broken up into two conferences, the Ocean Conference consisting of San Diego
County, Orange County South, Los Angeles County and Ventura County, and the
Desert Conference comprised of Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Las
Vegas and Orange County North. Each PMMAL team will be allowed to select 14
fighters in a League Draft scheduled for December of 2009.  


Each PMMAL team will also play
an eight-event regular season schedule once a month beginning in February of 2010,
with four home events and four away events, and all eight teams qualifying for
the quarterfinals of the PMMAL Championships starting in October. Four teams
will advance to the semifinals in November and two teams will compete in the
Inaugural PMMAL Championship in December. PMMAL fighters will earn a minimum of
$10,000 per year, and can earn upward of $25,000 per year.


"I am extremely grateful
to the UFC, to Strikeforce, and  to M-1 Global for what they have done to
grow mixed martial arts in America and the world over during the past ten
years," said Englebrecht. "I just felt that if the sport of MMA was
to really become mainstream and greatly enlarge its footprint to consumers,
sponsors, and regulatory bodies that a minor league system needed to be
established. Over the past three years, young MMA fighters just didn’t have the
proper stage to perform on, and that club promoters had great difficulty in
making it a viable business. Now with the PMMAL in place their will finally be
a platform in place so that fighters who dream of one day competing in the UFC
or Strikeforce can see their dreams come true, thanks to the Professional Mixed
Martial Arts League."


Persons interested in acquiring
a PMMAL team, or fighters interested in competing in the 2010 PMMAL season and
entering the PMMAL draft, can get necessary information and documents at the
Official Professional Mixed Martial Arts League website at www.pmmal.com,
or by contacting Roy Englebrecht at pmmalroy@aol.com.