by MMAWeekly.com Staff
Plenty of injuries from this weekend’s Ultimate Fighter Finale on Spike TV. Joe Stevenson had a seperated clavical in his fight with Luke Cummo. At the end of the fight Stevenson was in a ton of pain when the referee simply lifted his arm in victory. Great fight and a nice win for Stevenson.

Brad Imes fought his heart out, but in the end it wasn’t enough against Rashad Evans. Evans won a split decision over Imes. The news for Imes got considerably worse as the weekend progressed. Not only did he sustain a broken nose and a broken hand, but his mother passed away after the fight. A very difficult and trying time for the young heavyweight who has shown so much heart and effort in only a year of fighting.

Kit Cope sustained a serious injury in his fight against Kenny Florian. Cope talked about his injury on the Underground Forum this weekend. Cope told his fans quote…

“Thanks to those of you who supported me. Nothing to say to my haters except you win….this time. I was a little gunshy in the beginning because I was too focused on stopping the takedown where I should have been just lettin loose and doing what I do best. Which is bludgeoning. A freak injury happened while I was defending the shot against the cage right before Flojo got the takedown. Somehow my clavicle tore apart from my scapula(collar bone tore from my shoulder blade)and at that point I was a one armed fighter. The injury happened before the armbar and I just tapped on J-lo to let off as soon as the horn blew. I tried painfully to use the arm, but obviously to no avail. I am scheduled to have a reconstructive surgery this week. Freak accident.”