Play On, Playa: Uriah Hall Had Dinner with Jennifer Lopez

January 21, 2015

We’re not saying they’re dating. But if they are, then damn — Uriah’s got game.

In the days after he cut up and beat Ron Stallings at UFC Fight Night 59, UFC middleweight Uriah Hall had himself a dinner companion who’s probably much better than whichever date you had all week. Uriah sat across the table from pop star Jennifer Lopez.

Uriah posted a picture of himself with JLo on Instagram. The caption: “Had a great dinner with the lovely @jlo.” Play on, playa.

Had a great dinner with the lovely @jlo

A photo posted by Uriah Hall (@uriahhall) on

Of course fans started to speculate about the two, and you can tell just by the comments on the photo, ranging from props like “dang dude moving up i see” to morons asking “Did you smash?” Like he would tell you, bruh. SMH.

But seriously, URIAH ARE YOU DATING JLO BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE TOALLY DOPE. And they say MMA isn’t mainstream. Pfft!

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