Photo: Georges St-Pierre’s Vacation from Fighting Includes Teaching BJJ Class at Tristar

November 27, 2013

GSP training back at tristar

Georges St-Pierre exited UFC 167, leaving fans — and his bosses, for that matter — wondering what he meant by saying he’s stepping away from fighting for a bit.

Soon after the pseudo-retirement speech in his post-fight interview, the rumor mill began to spin with things like baby mama drama and an ailing family member. He shot those rumors down in a video with TMZ.

In that same footage, GSP said he’ll return to training, but for himself. After a tweet on Wednesday morning, it appears he’s also returning to training for his teammates and those eager to learn from him.

St-Pierre posted a picture of himself teaching a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class yesterday at Tristar Gym in Montreal. It’s something the vacationing UFC welterweight champ said he couldn’t resist.

(Photo via Georges St-Pierre’s Twitter page)

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