PFL offers Rolls Royce on top of $3 million payday for Cris Cyborg vs. Kayla Harrison superfight

It’s clear that the PFL wants Cris Cyborg to fight Kayla Harrison now, more than ever.

Shortly after Harrison lost her first ever MMA bout, Cyborg took to Twitter to joke that PFL saved money not booking her and Cyborg earlier.

“I think Donn Davis owes Larissa Pacheco a back room bonus — she just saved the PFL $3 million,” Justino wrote.

But Donn Davis doubled down on the offer and threw in a car.

Cyborg didn’t seem all that excited about the Rolls Royce tweeting, “I drive Tesla.”

Harrison said before the event that she planned to take a break and compete in super fights only next season but after losing to Larissa Pacheco she said she might be able to take that break after all.