Petruzelli Eyes Strikeforce, Macau, and Rematch?

Possibly known forever as “the guy who knocked out Kimbo,” Seth Petruzelli is currently tending his gym, Jungle MMA, in Orlando, Fl., waiting for a fight.

The pink-haired fighter says three options–all taking place in March–that are on the table for his fighting future: a yet to be announced Strikeforce show in March; an unnamed event in gambling haven Macau, China; a rematch with Kimbo Slice in Tampa, Fla.

Petruzelli maintains that he’s agreed to the rematch, and is awaiting word from Slice’s camp. It’s a fight he feels is needed to sustain the jolt in momentum created by the 14 second knockout at Elite XC’s final dance on Oct. 4.

“I just need to prove more my second time around, if I fight him, or I fight anybody else,” Petruzelli said. “I need to do the exact same thing…just to prove it wasn’t a fluke. That’s been my main driving goal, to train my ass off.”