by Scott Petersen
Peter Aerts who has had over 60 K-1 kickboxing fights since 1993 and has fight the great names in kickboxing and has been the K-1 GP Champion three times, is making his MMA debut in HERO’s show in Tokyo, Japan on 7/06. Why does a veteran kickboxer want to enter the MMA world? Aerts said,” It’s a new challenge. K-1 wanted it and for me, I wanted it too…. I wanted something new.”
The Dutch kickboxer was at ease and in a good mood fielding questions from the press in Tokyo. When asked about how long he’s been training MMA, he said, “I started a few years ago, but I stopped…I did for maybe one year, but then I get problem with my neck.” ” Two months ago, I started again.” So, will two months training be enough to teach an old dog new tricks. We have yet to see. Aerts commented,” It’s a totally different sport.” When MMAWeekly asked Aerts if he feels ready for the groundgame, Aerts said, ” I’m not experienced like most of the guys.” He continued, “That’s the most important thing, to keep standing up.” In fact, he went down to Brazil to train with Marcos Ruas’ group which included Pedro Rizzo for 10 days, as he said,” I learned a lot there.” But emphasized that he was there for a short time. But he’s been training the game in Holland too. Aerts said with a laugh, “I hope I’ve prepared enough.”
But Aerts seems to know the reality of the situation . With a shrug of the head he said,” When I come to the ground, I have to survive.” In preparation for his match he is concentrating on ” To keep it standing” as he said. ” I did everthing a little bit (ha).”” …wrestling and keep standing that’s the most important thing for me” Aerts commented in regards to his training. With a smile on his face Aerts said, “…but now it’s something new is going to happen I think.”
So is this a new calling for Aerts, only time will tell. At least it will be a new page in his book of life. In regards to his continuation in MMA, Aerts joked,” When[If] they don’t destroy me- uhh yes.”