by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
Despite the fact that he’s been fighting for nine years and has had nearly 30 fights in his mixed martial arts career, along with countless Muay Thai bouts, Pete “Secret Weapon” Spratt still feels that he has something left to prove.

Whether as part of the UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter” reality TV series, or as a veteran draw on a show, Spratt always feels the pressure to perform and win so he can get one more chance at glory.

Having won his last two fights, both for Mark Cuban’s HDNet Fights promotion, he looks to keep his momentum going, as he starts off 2008 headlining Friday night’s Maximum Fighting Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada against up-and-comer Ryan Ford.

“I feel good about the momentum I have,” said Spratt of his recent winning streak. “It was just a matter of me changing my training up, and doing the right things for the longevity of my career.

“I’ve been busy the past few months; this will be my third fight in the last six months, so it’s good stuff. I don’t think it’s a good match-up for my opponent. I have to prove that (tonight).”

As Spratt points out, he doesn’t think his fight in MFC against Ford will be beneficial to the youngster, as Spratt feels his veteran presence will be too much for Ford to handle.

“I think it’s a stupid match-up on their part,” exclaimed Spratt. “The guy’s got only four fights in eight months experience; now tell me how smart is that? The guys he’s fought have a combined record of 2-7. I mean it’s not very smart on their part.

“For me, it’s just going to be a situation where I go out there and handle my business like I have my last two fights. If something bad happens to the kid, don’t blame me. It’s going to be their problem for putting him in prematurely against a guy who has been doing it for nine years.”

If it sounds as if Spratt has a chip on his shoulder entering the fight, it’s because he does.

“They are trying to make a name for this guy off of me,” he stated simply. “So I feel a bit disrespected and quite honestly I’m pissed off about the situation, so I feel I’ve got to go out there and prove myself once again.

“(I’ve got to) defend my name, my honor and reputation. I feel again that I’m the underdog and that I’m being put out there as the scapegoat and it’s just not going to happen.”

As for strategy, Spratt feels people should know by now what to expect from him, as his intentions for every fight never change.

“It’s always the same,” he said of his fight strategy. “Even if I face somebody that’s supposed to be a good striker, they turn into wrestlers. So my game plan is always the same – I’m going in there looking for the knockout.

“They’ve compared this match-up to when I fought (Georges) St. Pierre in ’03 (in TKO), the difference is, St. Pierre is good. This guy doesn’t have enough experience to be good. My thing is, I have to come in fully prepared, be on my P’s and Q’s and make sure I don’t caught with nothing crazy and just do what I do.”

Spratt doesn’t mix words when it comes to where he wants to be this year with his career.

“For me, it’s getting back to where I feel like is home, and that is the UFC,” he said. “With another win, I’m one step closer. I know they’re looking at me, they’re watching me, and I expect to be back before this year is up, maybe as soon as after this fight.”

Along with goals for his fight career, Spratt also has a myriad of outside the sport projects that look to keep him busy this year.

“HDNet contracted me to do an intro for their ‘HDNet Fights’ show,” he commented. “So I’ve recorded the intro for this particular fight, and I’ll be doing the more generic version for future HDNet shows.

“I’ve got four or five movies out there on the table. I just got a script for a new movie called ‘Double Down’ about a couple of football players that got drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the mid-80’s. It’s a true story about an actual double homicide that these two football players got charged with. It’s a really intriguing script, and the character I play is a good character role for me. It’s going to be pretty challenging.”

Whatever prospects lay in the future, Friday night’s MFC show is where Pete’s attention is now, as it is another chance to prove himself and show the world that he’s still a dangerous weapon in the welterweight division.

“I want to thank my sponsors Renegade Fight Gear, Toes Up and all the new ones I’ve picked up,” closed out Spratt. “I want to thank all my fans for being behind me, for supporting me, and check out the show live Friday night on HDNet.”