by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Nothing is scarier to an MMA fan than watching a fighter go down from strikes or taking unnecessary punishment before a bout is stopped. Both of those things happened to Pete Sell last Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio, as the Matt Serra trained fighter suffered a TKO loss to Matt Brown in one of the strangest endings the sport has ever seen.

After Brown connected with a combination early in the fight, Sell was dropped to the mat and referee Yves Lavigne stepped in to stop the action. Realizing that Sell was still moving, Lavigne then backed off and let the fight continue, much to the dismay of Brown and even UFC president Dana White, who felt Sell had taken enough punishment at that point.

The ensuing minute after the brief stoppage was nothing short of shocking as Sell did his best to regain his composure, but still taking shot after shot from Brown – who visibly and verbally looked for the fight to be stopped – before Lavigne finally stepped in to stop the contest.

After the fight ended, White told the media in attendance that he sent Sell to the hospital to receive an MRI and get checked over to make sure he didn’t have any serious injuries following the bout.

MMAWeekly.com spoke to Sell via text message on Wednesday to get an update on his condition following the controversial stoppage.

“Well I got talked down from jumping off a building yesterday,” Sell said.

During Dana White’s UFC 96 blog, Sell was seen telling the UFC president that he wanted every opportunity to come back in that fight and knowing how tough the New York native is, it’s no shock that he wasn’t yelling in protest that the fight wasn’t stopped earlier.

“I’m alright, had better days,” Sell told MMAWeekly.com. “I’m just real frustrated. I put in so much hard work leading up to the fight. My game got so much better in all areas, but (I) didn’t get a chance to show any of it.

“That hurts man.”

Always known as one of the toughest and most durable fighters in the sport, Sell will no doubt go back to the drawing board once again and come back with a renewed spirit and vengeance to prove himself in the UFC and to any of the doubters that questioned him following the loss.